1. A Human

2. A person that has no real purpose

3. Someone that literary gets in the way of other people
1. Bender: "Hasta la vista, meatbag!"

2. "You just sit around like a Meat Bag"

3. "Get out of the way meat bag!"
by Jane Mars August 11, 2008
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A slow moving, corpse-like human ('zombie'), often to be found in malls and shopping centres. Example comment: 'Are you serving?'; 'What it is is, like, y'know'
'The doors are open for trade, here comes a meat bag'.
by apotetic August 19, 2006
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Before I jumped into the sack with my hooker, I made sure I put on a meat bag.
by B-rad-izzle February 27, 2010
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