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One of the coolest people you will ever meet, although people mistakenly think she is too intimidating to get to know her.

Gorgeous, fun to be around & very charismatic, she always has a smile. Balances her many commitments with her need to party & can drink any guy under a table. Guaranteed to have more facebook friends than you.

More comepetitive then most. Don't cross her in sports. Ever.

Girls want to be her, guys want to date her, and no one can ever replace her.
Girl 1: "Did you see Mckinzie?"

Girl 2: "Yeah, I didn't talk to her though. She's just so intimidating"
by M(h)aarr December 17, 2008
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The most beautiful and amazing girl I have ever met in my life. Everyday that I am still with her is a privilege and I'm blessed that she is in my life. I love her to death and will never let her go.
"Did you guys see McKinzie's booty? Dammmnnn!!!
by LoverBoy13 November 13, 2013
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a sexy girl who will date a wonderful guy. she is loved buy everyone and loves everyone. she loves kids and will have kids someday.
julia- wow i wish i was a mckinzie
megan- i know me to.
by kinzieroo August 22, 2009
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1. A girl who has a fro.
2. Often into more then one guy at once.
3. Dates younger guys A LOT.
4. Stuck up and full of her self.
5. Obsesses over her best friend.
Wow mckinzies with her best friend AGAIN?
by blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh August 15, 2008
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She’s the prettiest girl you will ever meet she is loving and caring and will help anyone out even if she doesn’t like them. She may look like a girl who follows the rules but sometimes she doesn’t. She’s kind and funny. And when she Walks in the room everyone stops what they are doing to look at her. She is drop dead gorgeous. All the guys want her
Wow did you see Mckinzie? Yeah I did she’s so pretty

I love Mckinzie she’s so nice
by Anonymous07 May 30, 2018
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