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A McSweeney is one belonging to a family who are believed to originate in Ireland or New Zealand. As a rule, they are incredibly smart and athletic in addition to being nice and well liked by most. They are for the most part slow to anger, but you should not fuck with them. All in all, they're just awesome.
That kid see ms to be good at every thing he does. he must be a McSweeney.
by waggawagga123456 October 06, 2010
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The act of calling the front desk of a hotel and ordering wake up calls to multiple rooms, including the presidential suite, due to the uncertainty of where, or with whom, you might sleep.
"Gregario is going to have to McSweeney it tonight!"
by jewetta April 27, 2007
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During intercourse, while performing a Dirty Sanchez on your partner, you fish hook their mouth.
Dude, last night I McSweeney'd my girlfriend.

dirty sanchez sweeney wade fishhook dover
by bigpimpin_nr December 10, 2010
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Someone who preys & bullies on the really nice person by emotionally torturing & degrading them for no real apparent reason.
Tommy is being a McSweeney towards Aaron again. I'm pretty sure Aaron's crying over there.
by Roxma December 03, 2009
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