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A Fairfax County Public School located in McLean, Virginia. This institution is filled with brilliant scholars who study, while still finding time to enjoy themselves on the weekends. McLean High School triumphs over its rival, Langley High School, intellectually, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, fashionably, and financially. Little do the teen millionaires of Langley High School know, there are other forms of wealth. At McLean, students enjoy a wealth of happiness, kindness, sportsmanship... That said, McLean forgives their Langley peers for their negative and insulting messages of hatred for Highlanders and McLean. Hopefully, their million-dollar homes have alien-sensitive security systems. MCLEAN HS HAS ALLIES.
The Situation:

A group of young McLean High School students is gracing the streets of downtown McLean when a Mom and her Langley child take notice of the godly figures entering a store.

Sugar Momma: "Who are those gorgeous and intellectual creatures?"

Whiney Wallace: "Those are Highlanders... McLEAN HIGHLANDERS!"

Sugar Momma: "You're not going to Langley ANYMORE."
by NalgeneWaterBottle March 04, 2011
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McLean High School rocks my panties off!! It's way sweeter than Langley bc only half of the kids do coke verse the entire student population, which means we actually graduate and go to college instead of living off daddy's money. The ladies of MHS are fine as hell! They don't cake their faces with make up or get plastic surgery like the Langley bitches. Our parties are always wilder but unfortunately less frequent, bc our parents aren't in rehab.
heather may
you might NOT be a cheap whore but you ARE wearing a cheap whore's uniform. very confusing.
by Heather May April 30, 2005
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Somewhat of a small school. Although it is currently very high in ranking it is incredibly easy to "get it on". The girls there are generally insecure and the males are either drug lords or "emo pimps". To get "laid" there you must say to get a male booty call: "I'm so hot right now, I just want to take off my shirt". Or to get a feale booty call say: "I'm so depressed... (And where skinny jeans preferably).

Also, there is a somewhat large group of obese latina girls who often fight with the obese african-american girls (they are very loud). The youngest of these obese ethnic female clan is still residing in Longfellow Middle School.
"I just transfered here from McLean Highschool," said the stranger to room 208.
"How many times did you get fucked?" shouted a voice from the back of the class.
by TruthaboutMe January 25, 2010
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totally kick ass school, some rich kids, but nothing compared to those langley whores. everyone thinks we suck at sports, but fuck u, we beat u in cheerleading, baseball, and at the first guys basketball games (u fckin langley fairweather fans--yeah that was me yelling)...our football program is gettin a hell of a lot better cuz of coach rivera comin (hes a beast) a few freshman sluts (cough marissa cough) and a few bitches (cough kimby cough) but i mean u compare 2 stupid girls to a school full of damn glad im a highlander
H-I-G-H-L-A-N-D-E-R-S oh yes cause we are the best!!!
by MCLEAN KICKS ASS!!!! April 21, 2005
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The fucking gayest school ever created. Highlanders? Man, fuck that gay shit. They all suck so much dick and cant do anything in sports. Fuck you bitches at McLean
1:Dude I go to Mclean!
2:Wow dude...go kill yourself bitch...
by Fuck Mclean May 07, 2005
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Man i Wish i went to Langley. If only i had money.. Oh and Is considerably worse than Langley on just about everything.
Why can't my parents afford nice things? Beaten at most sports in past 10 years... Average family income is less than $600,000.00/year -hope you go somewhere in life.
by Beatyouineverysport May 04, 2005
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high school located in a relatively wealthy area in Mclean. Subordinate to their counterpart, Langley, in almost every sport and in grades.
hahaha you go to Mclean High School? what a jokee!!
by macclane April 27, 2011
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