In very few cases will you run into a "bad" Mckenzie. Not like a bad girl, no. If you are unlucky enough to run into one of these, you will most likely fall into a deep depression and she will shove you into your deepest and darkest thoughts because she will say things like "you talk too much about yourself" and she will call you names and never listen to you.

If you know anyone like this in the most remote way please dump them like the trash they are.
Me: Wow she has been such a Mckenzie.

Other human: ikr? we shouldn't be friends with them anymore
by an_avocado November 05, 2018
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A funny, usually short, quirky, and sexy woman.
Nathan:" you seem like you could be a McKenzie."
by Dancelover47 November 29, 2016
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Generally very kind. Know what to say and kind make one laugh without even trying. Has a great music taste, and can fit almost anybody. McKenzie is usually a good looking person but can be annoying.
Brayden: Have you seen her? She is like mckenzie. Annoying...
by MckenizeLover1234 October 13, 2018
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is a backstabbing bitch who always get in everyone’s business and tries to take everyone’s mans even though she’s too ugly so she cant
Me: omg mckenzie is such a hoe
everyone: on my momma mckenzie is a ugly as hell nasty bitch
by money ca$h only boiii May 30, 2020
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Name given to someone who is really strong, with paticularly large guns compared to the rest of their body. This results in a large ego. This causes the person to say really bad jokes.
Crim: Oh your such a tank, McKenzie!
Mckenzie: Get out, who told you that! *tenses arm*
by Ross MacLeod November 10, 2007
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Don’t trust a McKenzie. She’s a backstabber and isn’t worth the relationship and/or friendship. She’s not a keeper.. she breaks hearts and ends fake friendships. You have fun until she cuts the line.
McKenna: Hey McKenzie want to have a sleepover?
McKenzie: sure!!

4 months later after sleepovers and hangouts

McKenna: hey Kenzie. Wanna hangout later?

McKenzie: No we’re not friends

McKenna: why?
McKenzie: it’s because your ugly, fat, annoying. And you kinda act like people got not.

McKenna: oh. Well your a bitch
McKenzie: byeeee
by Annoyed itch August 09, 2019
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A gay little prick has no mum or dad probably never goimg to be loved by his real parents so has to get some rip off ones to look after his autistic brother he is a huge ballshitter and says his sister is part of 10 11son of a gung good luck trynna find ur mum
hey who is that tranny

oh thats mckenzie
via giphy
by okie dokie mumma DFJFDJKL March 26, 2020
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