Mckenzie's are amazing,they are usually brown headed,brown eyes, tan, and have a HUGE ass. They are always a little shy at first but when they break out of their shell they are outgoing, and love a good party! They will always make you laugh even if they are not trying too. Sometimes clueless, but book smart.They always are looking for an excuse to get away to the beach. They are always looking for anytime too meet some new boys.They are drop dead SEXY !
Guy 1 : Damn look at Mckenzie , she always lookin good .
Guy 2 : I know ,I wish my girl was a Mckenzie !
by Devin South July 06, 2011
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1.) The most wonderful girl in the world the one that if you were dating her you wouldnt be able to take your next breath with out her on your mind shes the one that that knows what the phrase "i wanna DANCE in the PLAYGROUND under the WATERFALL" means

1.) "i wanna DANCE in the PLAYGROUND under the WATERFALL"

2.) shes almost a mckenzie
by dixieROSESboo March 11, 2010
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freaking Boss. McKenzie is legit. A McKenzie knows what to say at all times. She's gorgeous. She can be a brat, but she knows when to be adorable, cute, and/or funny. She's the best person you could ever meet. A McKenzie understands things simply. She can be creative and speak her mind without thinking at times. A McKenzie can be romanceful, sexy, and/or sweet when she wants to be.
"have you seen McKenzie today?"
"Yeah, she's flipping amazing. totally Boss Man"
by the top boss man August 23, 2011
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McKenzie is a typically girl who is extremely hilarious and loads of fun!She's usually a blonde curvy girl with light colored eyes who can laugh until the point where her face hurts and will literally tell you to: "Stop talking my face hurts."

Although Mckenzies are hilarious and fun they can also be so laid back it will offend people because they don't know what else to say besides "That's cool." And "Whatever." They can be easily offended and take things wrongly and reply with something dark.

McKenzies love cats and would choose cats over dogs any day and can make cat noises to talk to their cats, literally...

Mckenzies areartistic and musicical and very creative McKenzies have a stephrano singing voice like an angel and McKenzies are amazing. <3
"McKenzie is just sleeping right now, like usual.She'll probably get up to eat popcorn later"

*McKenzie emerges from the deep depths of her room to get food and make popcorn and leave taking it's prey with it back to the den*

"I told you so..."
by Mckenziemaeee May 11, 2014
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She is an amazing girlfriend , she is loving sweet and or sexy. She is also very trust worthy . Usually a brown haired blue eyed tall girl that is beautiful. Also a nice ass!! She is the person that you can tell anything and she will actually listen to you. She also makes you laught and smile without trying to. Once you hear her name you smile. She also enjoys her friends and family and is very loyal. If you are McKenzies boyfriend then be careful to never let her go she is amazing and will for sure make your life better. If you can kiss her right away!!
Guy 1:Look at Mckenzie she has a nice ass
Guy 2 : she is also very loyal and smart
by Volleyballboys!! May 29, 2018
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a beautiful girl/women who is nice sexy and has a very good heart
god that girl is cool
ya her name is mckenzie
by kenzer234 January 11, 2009
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If you know a McKenzie, you're so very lucky. She is very sweet, caring, compassionate, beautiful, smart, chill, and kind. She will always boost your confidence and cheer you up. She always gets you the perfect gift, and she will make you feel super happy! She is bold in her faith, and loves Jesus entirely. McKenzie will have sweet, caramel-colored eyes, and long pretty hair. Any time you speak with her your day will get 10 times better!! She can be shy at first, but once you get to know her, she has the BEST personality! McKenzie is super cute and pretty. She has a golden heart and inspires everyone around her. She is so sweet and very funny. If you're even lucky enough to be in any kind of relationship with her, be the best you can be. She deserves it. She is the best friend/girlfriend ever.
Bro 1: DUDE! Look, it's McKenzie!

Bro 2: She's so sweet and kind!

Bro 1: I know dude! She's so totally awesome!!
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by Hahahahatsnor90330 February 23, 2019
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