McKenzie is a beautiful, smart, loving and trustworthy, a girl that is always cheering you up. She makes you laugh and smile all day. When you meet a McKenzie.. keep her forever because she’ll be your best friend forever. She is always smiling, trying her hardest, and is always trying to make people achieve there dreams! McKenzie is someone you can trust. If you have a McKenzie, she’s a keeper because she’s the best person your ever gonna meet and your going to want to keep her forever
Girl 1: look at McKenzie, I so want to be her best friend
Girl 2: ya same
Girl 3: she’s already my best friend!
by Lexiehanson May 16, 2019
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Someone who insults you if she considers you a friend. She Is someone who should be invited to every party. She has crazy bad ass colored eyes no matter the color. Most people can't handle being her friend because she is not afraid to voice her opinion and not because she's a bitch but because she'll feel fake if she's thinking something negative and doesn't say It. Once she comes into your life she will change you in some way. She helps people become who they are supposed to be. She will push way passed peoples comfort zone. She will give you opportunity to do things you've never done . Because she always says she'll always try something once twice if she likes it. Her favorite quote is "thou shall not let low vibin trifflin ass energy penetrate thy dope aura" she's a lil hippie a lil hood. She is Sunshine mixed with a lil tornado. She fucks like a porn star and looks like one to. If She's a cancer ♋️ do whatever it takes to keep her in your life if you don't you'll regret it. She never realizes that she's hotter than any of her friends or your friends but in reality she is. She dresses like a slutty hippie grandma but damn does she pull it off better than most bitches could dream of.
Damn Mckenzie is a bitch
by Dontewilliams420 March 19, 2020
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A gay little prick has no mum or dad probably never goimg to be loved by his real parents so has to get some rip off ones to look after his autistic brother he is a huge ballshitter and says his sister is part of 10 11son of a gung good luck trynna find ur mum
hey who is that tranny

oh thats mckenzie
via giphy
by okie dokie mumma DFJFDJKL March 26, 2020
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Is a girl that will go on a roller coaster with you. Then she will let you clap cheeks after word😉.Go find your self a Mckenzie guys/girls.
Ex:did you see Mckenzie?
Other:yeah we went on a roller coaster. Then we clapped cheeks.🥵
by Lolollololo October 26, 2019
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A sexy, ho double t girl that can make people laugh without trying. She is Annabelle's bestie 5ever and can be only hated by clueless over self righteous people. She has long dirty blonde hair with blue eyes and us really tall and has these very ghetto ass hats like beanies and shit. She can be quiet at times but at her house when you really get to know her, she is fuckung boss. lof u Mckenzie. <5
Annabelle: Look at mckenzie she is so sexy ohmygosh I love her so much.

Zach: I wish I could amount up to her awesomeness.
by ferdinand pls December 26, 2013
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She has a firey personality, with a love so strong you often feel locked in a cage, with one swift comment she will blow you off your seat, it’s always lit when she’s around, she adds a special fire to the conversation and she lights up the room
“Is the dragon gonna let him out of the cage?” “Man I haven’t seen Mckenzie in a while maybe I should collar”.
by liger211 March 11, 2018
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Is a fat twat, nobody likes him and his name is for a girl
Mckenzie is gay
by Joe mama dead yo November 18, 2019
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