McKenzie is a smart funny girl who is very attractive and usually brown with black hair and dark brown eyes she is short and has a great sense of humor she is shy when it comes to boys but when she around her friends it is time to party a McKenzie is usually a very picky eater and likes things to be a certain way boys always stare and her thickness and her huge ass and if you piss her off you will see her inner bitch
Damnn she got a big ass and she thick

That the new hot girl McKenzie
by Mclenzie January 21, 2019
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A McKenzie is a girl who struggles a lot in life. She lies about her home life being perfect. She is usually bullied most of her life. She trys to beat depression. But she likes a lot of people and trys to be positive. She has a lot in common with many people. She is usually skinny. She has most times blue eyes dark brown hair. She love to flirt with people she sees every day even when she has a boyfriend. She is a funny person. Trys to stop bullying. Loves to be in the spotlight. And she is really cite but does not think she is.
Girl 1:I feel bad for McKenzie she looks depressed.
Girl 2:she is nailing that look though.
Girl 3:you go girl.
Boy 1:ew.
Boy 2:what.
Boy 1:McKenzie is here.
Boy 2: so what.
by This is my stuff March 14, 2018
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A hot, sexy, blonde, BEAST at volleyball and outgoing. Anyone who has a McKenzie is lucky.
Guy 1: Hey whose that hot volleyball player?
Guy 2: Oh! That's McKenzie!!
Guy 2: WOW I wish i was with her.
by hotrod.mmperice July 07, 2009
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The most sexy person you will EVER meet she normally has blue eyes blond hair and is white she is amazingly hot and normally has a boyfriend if you ever meet her want to ask her out right away because she will be gone fast she normally loves people with the name Nathan bunch and never wants to break up with people. She will love you if you love her.
Guy 1: Who is she she's hot

Guy 2: yo bro that's Mckenzie that's the most butieful Perron you will ever meet
by Crazygirl516 November 26, 2016
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To McKenzie is to ejaculate a distance previously unheard of at an unexpected moment. Mckenzieing is in actual fact a world record ejaculation which can only be described as a Mckenzie if the record is beaten. If it comes close it may be referred to as a 'near-Mckenzie'
Everyone: What a moment i hope no-one gets carried away
Me: Too late i just McKenzied all over the joint
by M.McKenzie July 13, 2008
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They are usually really weird funny and willing to have a good time!! mostly a goody two shoes when it comes to doing bad things that other kids do!! She is adorably short and her mood is like a pregnant woman its always different and you never know what i is!! She has blue eyes and brownish blondish hair and tiny cute hands that are adorable to hold!!! shes single but you already know shes ready to mingle!!!!! Shes way smarter than she says she is and she calls herself ugly a lot although you know she isn't!!! treat her right because she can be one hell of a bitch and come back haunt you!!!
Hey bro inst McKenzie so cute, like wow!!
via giphy
by hdhewbcow December 01, 2018
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