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Mckenzie is someone who is always there to talk to. Let out anything at all; a random joke, issues you have at school, dreams, your anxieties, literally anything you want to talk about. She'll respond, and she will always make you feel comfortable, calm, and refreshed.

Has one of the absolute BEST taste in music, will recommend artists, songs, and playlists. Pretty introverted, but Funny as hell when necessary.

Gives the GREATEST advice.
VERY chill, listens to lofi hip hop, quiet, yet funny.
Addicted to YouTube and reddit. and is usually tall for someone their age, tries not to procrastinate but usually will unless they feel productive. Although, she usually gets high grades. Is way smarter than what she thinks she is.

She has the most beautiful dark blonde hair shoulder length, complimented with dark blue eyes.

Loves her horse, and always takes time out of her week to go to the barn to see him.
Likes unusual things, very special opinions that are very different, yet beautiful.
Wow thanks Mckenzie! great advice, You're so low-key and fun to hang out with. What are you doing later tonight? Oh, horse back riding? Alright maybe tomorrow then.
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by Kermits dad October 25, 2019

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Could be the best or the worst horse game, who knows. But despite the chat ban, the constant barely half useful updates, small pressure to get star coins, one thing is for sure, you could meet your best friend on here! (Speaking of personal experiences cOUGH)honestly 10 out of 10 would die again. I learned a lot at least, helped 4th grade me with typing, spelling, etc. if you play for a long enough time tho. If you find something you like in this game like clubs,(dressage, cross country, etc etc.) questing, training, role-playing, exploring, and find other people who like the same exact thing, the bond can become prettyyyy good in MY opinion. okay byebye thank you for coming to my ted talk.
(The most star stable player talk you can get) player 1: dude I don't know which one I like better, I saved up and didn't spend it on clothes, stable care, OR leveling up my curlys. I JUST bought the gray freezy and I only have like 900 star coins left so which new andy should I get?

player 2: you're JUST getting the new type of andy?
player 1: Yeah i got broke real fast because of stable care.

player2: you're always broke.
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by Kermits dad December 07, 2019

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