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A bad bitch
Does not give a fuck
Depression hits at 21
Dies at 30
McKaylee Is a very badass.
by Ufgyukhgvkvgvghvhgvkugv June 06, 2018
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teachers pet
looks like a walrus and a marshmallow at the same time
puts her nose in everything
does not give up in what she believes
nose picker
you will always see her butt crack even when you don't want to

a hoe who likes too many bitches
omg shes such a mckaylee
by okay whatever May 09, 2017
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sad, lonely, burner, who vapes a lot. also probably listening to lil peep.
lol mckaylee be like sad:)
via giphy
by lolurmumgay March 21, 2019
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