McGreevey:"My truth is that I'm a gay American."
The Truth: McGreevey gave his boy-toy a job that he was completely unqualified for.
by Buddy Ackerman August 18, 2004
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Synonym for homosexual. Derived from the former governer of NJ, the homosexual James McGreevey.
Take that mans penis out of your ass, don't be a McGreevey!
by Lexicon Master October 14, 2004
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A closeted bi or gay person who hides behind a straight marriage, but has gay encounters or gay lovers on the side. Usually gets caught and/or outed. Especially applies to people in the spotlight (politicians, movie stars, sports figures). Based on outed closeted NJ Governor Jim McGreevey.
You'd wouldn't believe how many conservative republicans are living the mcgreevey lifestyle.
by TJ Kim September 27, 2004
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REALLY bad governor of New Jersey, one of our worse in recent years (trust me, I live here) who puts his gay lover in charge of state security and otherwise screws up the state.
Don't hat him because he is gay, hate him because he sucks!
by Matt I September 10, 2004
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A car accident in which a car is struck forcefully in the rear by the front end of another car.
Damn dude i just got McGreeveyed on the way home!

Yeah i heard he got into a pretty bad McGreevey on Rt. 70.
by ahhduhh December 06, 2004
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Steming from the word Mcgreevey, the former governor of New Jersey. It now means to be ass fucked, or to receive an anal beating.
damn, you got mcgreeveyed.
in jail, little bitches get mcgreeveyd by the poppa bear.
by Acov November 05, 2004
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