Having passionate sex with your girlfriend and ejaculating inside of her. You then proceed to go down on her and suck your semen out of her vagina only to spit it all over her chest.
I met this girl in south tampa and gave her a McGinnis!

I can't believe he gave me a McGinnis, it was so gross!
by 4all2nv May 27, 2010
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To McGinnis – When someone tells only the punch line of an inside joke to people who are not in on the joke.

Also see, A McGinnis-sec – the moment of silence after someone tells the punch line of an inside joke to people who are not in on the joke.
Kevin kept saying, "farthinder!" No one knew what he was talking about. Someone finally said thats a McGinnis moment.

No one in the group had been to Sweden or knew what a farthinder was.
by Ohchadeous July 21, 2011
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When one lie's so much that nothing not even the truth can save them anymore there in too deep
man i realy like this girl but i've fronted so much that she thinks im a doctor. "thats too bad man you pulled The mcginnis"
by Weezy June 02, 2009
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An argument between an Irishman and an Italian.

Commonly seen in the new series The Black Donnellys. Also witnessed with great frequency in the Wrigleyville area of Chicago.

When Chad McDonald spilled his Guiness on Mike Leuzzi's plate of rigatoni, a McGinny Squabble broke out.
by Crasher Mendukelsohn March 22, 2007
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1. The skinnier version of Batman who kicks all kinds of ass in his sexy skin-tight-black outfit.
Can be seen in the animated Batman Beyond series.
Has pretty eyes.

2. Is in a relationship with Jason Todd.
Likes the taste of pickles but not the texture.
Uses the word "schway" WAY too much.

3.Cries when he forgets to bake a cake for a member of the Batfamily on their birthday.
Jason Todd: "Hey, Jerry McGaynniss."
Terry: -tears up- "The name is Terry McGinnis, Asson Odd!"
Dick Grayson: "Stop it, Jay, Terry looks like he's about to cry."
by TerryJerryMcGinnis April 26, 2017
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