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When your homie says something gay, it's McGay
"Hey Steve, I love you"
"Cool, but that's McGay
by Śüçç August 23, 2017
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A secret Menu item. When you go to McDonald's and your choice of a secret menu item is to order a Hamburger and put fries in it. Whereas all your friends are ordering the bigger and more inventive secret menu items such as the McGangBang.

The term was first coined by Geovanna Antoinette Kwan, as can be seen in her YouTube video titled 'A McGangBang' uploaded on May 3rd 2011.
Geo:'So that's how you make a McGangBang now I'm gonna show you a McGay. A McGay is gonna be demonstrated by our very own Joe. Joe can you demonstrate the McGay?

Joe: A McGay - Geo made up this name because it's so weeny - it's just fries in a hamburger. I dont care if you think it's gay because it's delicious to me.

Geo: And... That is how you make a McGay. '
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