A cheap and delicious combination of the McDonald's McDouble and McChicken, in which the customer orders the items separately, splits the McDouble in half, and places the McChicken in between the two halves, effectively creating a "sandwich within a sandwich." As both items are on the Dollar Menu, the entire concoction costs a mere 2 dollars.
I rarely go to McDonald's, but when I do, I get a McChubble.
by dennis_the_menace April 30, 2010
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Bun, Meat, Cheese, Bun, Chicken, Lettuce, Mayo, Bun, Meat, Cheese, Bun. Derived from McDonald's dollar menu. Take a double cheeseburger, split it at the patties, and place entire McChicken in the middle, including buns. Proceed to stuff down to pipe.
In no circumstances should a McChubble be eaten faster than amount of money in minutes it takes to buy.
by McChuck November 5, 2007
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A sandwich you hand make yourself. To make a real McChubble you have to get your 2 burgers made special. You get the McDouble PLAIN with Mac Sauce (Big Mac Special Sauce), you get the McChicken also PLAIN and ADD CHEESE. You then split the McDouble between the two patties, and insert the McChicken inbetween, bun and all. For added taste you may add fries into the burger.
Dad: I'm going to McDonald's kids, you want anything?

Kid 1: I want a McChubble!
Dad: What did you call me?

Kid 2: It's a sandwich dad. I want one too!
by Kronikman07 December 4, 2018
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Sweaty McChubbles n.
A person who is often perspiring; usually out of his pits and most likely out of his man boobs. The regular Sweaty McChubbles come with a pair of man boobs larger than the average hooters employee. McChubbles are known for their distinctive jiggly nature. It is believed that every square inch of their bodies jiggle upon any type of movement, hence the scientific name "McChubbles".
Sweaty McChubbles is renowned for his chess playing ability
His victory usually comes when he uses his patented technique of eating all of the pieces, eating the chess board, and then, finally, eating the opponent.
Don't touch me Sweaty McChubbles!

"Hey is a giant Big Mac eating machine?"
"nah that's just Sweaty McChubbles."
by NUMBA 2 January 14, 2013
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