short for son of a bitch. The prefix Mc or Mac means son and originated in Ireland.
That McBitch is so jealous of my thrift shop glam.
by Markgyver February 2, 2013
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A rude customer at McDonalds. Someone who yells at the McDonald's employee for getting an order wrong.
Stop being a McBitch, the cashier didn't hear your order correctly.
by mcdonalds4507 April 1, 2011
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An unfortunate McDonald's trainee who always gets stuck working the grill and fried products. Also, any crew member who routinely performs menial tasks including, but not limited to: toilet cleaning, scrubbing the playplace slide after it gets peed on, running trash and mopping throwup.

Loosely, any McDonald's employee.
Drop some nuggets, bitch.
That's McBitch to you.
by King Bowzer August 2, 2006
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A cashier that works at a McDonalds with a bad attitude
McBitch : Can i take your order or are you just gonna stand there like an ass?

Innocent Person (To their friend) : Man she is really a McBitch
by ihavea September 5, 2010
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The gayest man to ever exist. One who`s life source is cum & ball sacks.

He often hides in plain sight under the cover of marriage. Works in IT due to it being a heavily male dominated field.

He has sucked ten times more cocks than all the whores that have ever walked this world combined.

He has a dick implant in his ass for the days he can`t find someone to ram him. (Which is never)

He fixes himself cum shakes for breakfast

He exfoliates with mens shit
Do you see that McBitch sitting over there.
by Kaizrsoze May 12, 2016
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po bitch that has no morals.
she was like, take me to sizzla daddy or I won't blow you tonight.
by Anonymous July 18, 2003
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Whiney but loyal lackey... Drives Silver K-Car.
Call McBitch, see if he wants to drive to the store and get us a pie.
by The Retards August 24, 2003
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