Whiney but loyal lackey... Drives Silver K-Car.
Call McBitch, see if he wants to drive to the store and get us a pie.
by The Retards August 23, 2003
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When a group of McDonalds female employees get together, whether it be for training or socializing, and a choice few of them act like they are too good to hang out with the rest.

Usually these girls look very high maintianence, will give a small smile followed by an eye roll if you acknowledge them.
"It it looks like a bitch, acts like a bitch, and works at McyD's.... Its a McBitch"

grl 1: how come those girls wont talk to me?
grl 2: those snotty ones from the other stores?
grl 1: yeah...they look at me and laugh....
grl 2: dont sweat it.... they are some McBitches.
by DoubleAgent May 28, 2011
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A person who is actually very nice and pretty damn cute ngl 👀
Person A: Hey you looking fine tonight.
Person B: You’re looking good yourself mcbitch.
by Yupitsmedavid March 07, 2020
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When your Value Meal doesn't agree with your guts after 6 hours.
"Man, my #4 is being a real McBitch, been straight shittin since the buttcrack of dawn"
by Schnazzle G December 29, 2016
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A McBitch is a bleedin heart whore who doesn’t support her daughter, Ronald McDonald
A McBitch fucks Their family dog and watches pornhub 24/7.
Ronald deserves better
Ronald: and now here I am, proving to you that this is not a phase and I am Ronald McDonald!
Mom: Ronald if you do t take that damn makeup off I’ll kick your ass out of the house!
Ronald: What a McBitch! *Cries*
via giphy
by KaoriAnimates August 21, 2020
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a bitch that looks like she got her weave from McDonald's
Mrs. Alford is a McBitch!
by thelovelygenesis February 14, 2016
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