A derogatory term used by Mexican-Americans to refer to someone of African descent.
I hate working with mayates because they're lazy.
by The Chicano March 30, 2022
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Mayate definitely is a derogatory term used to demean Africans & African Americans. A Mayate is a black dung beetle & it's name has become an insult towards Black people

To qoute from shawe.com
"Of particular interest in this case is the fact that the racial slurs were made in a foreign language. The Black employee, although he only had limited knowledge of Spanish, was aware of how derogatory the term “mayate” was. But even if he had not been, the other Spanish-speaking employees in the workplace clearly were. To the extent that an employer is aware that inappropriate language is being used in the workplace – even in another language – it is important to take prompt action to stop it."
Yes it was once used to demean gay males. There is also a bright & flashy green Mayate bug so that's probably how it also became a derogatory term for homosexuals
There is nothing I project that is gay & below is how the term was used in reference to me today. Clerk didn't know I understood a little bit of Spanish
Its crazy to see so many Mexican people deny its a term used primarily to demean Blacks now. I'm like wtf😂ain't no body stupid.
"¿A quién debo servir primero? El Americano o Mayate?"
by GodCipher August 17, 2022
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Used by Spanish/Latins when speaking about Afro/Blk/Moor people especially used today on the West Coast means N*gg*r* it doesn’t mean Homo nothing in 2020s they made it derogatory To refer to especially towards African Americans. Knock em out on site if it come out their mouth.
Look at all those mayates over there. They’re going to rob us.

Era todo eso mayates nos van ha robar.
POV its a birthday party…
by Ms Speaks Facts May 29, 2022
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In the Spanish Language, the word is used to denote a person of Sub-Saharan African ancestry or equally it can be used to denote a Homosexual Male of any race.
1. Did you know that the Mayate makes up only 13% of the U.S.'s population yet also manages to make up more than 50% of the incarcerated population within the aforementioned political boundary?

2. The Mayate commonly refered to as "Jeffree Star" makes more money in a day than you do in a year.
by LaConchaMocosa October 3, 2022
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Mayate. Colloquial from Mexico. Mayate is used to refer to a gay man. Nothing to do with black people or slaves. Check definition in spanish Mayate: Hombre homosexual. Synonyms for mayate are joto, puto, maricon, volteado, invertido,marica.
Look those mayates they are hugging and kissing.
by atruemexican May 13, 2010
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In Mexico, a mayate is a bisexual man who won't ever accept he likes men, he will proudly life a heterosexual life but in secret meet gay men for casual sex. It is not offensive but mostly funny. It has absolutely nothing to do with race or skin color.
- Who's that guy? (in Spanish, of course)
- Alicia's boyfriend. They say he's mayate (he sleeps with guys in secret).
by rubensoon August 28, 2020
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it's Mexican Slang for referring to homosexuals. UNlIKE many people who believe mayate means someone who is Dark-skinned.
"aye homes". "que pasa, Cuh". " I heard ricky was gay" "Damn bro, who would have known he was a mayate".
by December 18, 2020
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