Short for the Color Black. usually often used in peoples screen names.
Guy:Hey whats your AIM screen name?
Girl:lol its shorten for the color Black.
Guy:oh lol
by Dalton13 October 06, 2008
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A way to say black person without sounding like a racist asshole
Pronounced: B-L-K
Kid:Hey look at that black guy!!!
Dude:They prefer to be called blk you racist asshole
by Kunta_kinte08 August 08, 2008
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Someone who is against gays and are trying to fight for there own protection
Yo fam your blk
by Faggittronn January 20, 2020
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A shortened version of the word Black, mostly used on the internet or text
Girl: blk people have such great skin, it's already appeasing to look at but it's even more when the sun shines on their skin
by iiho December 17, 2021
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An abbreviation made by white people as a retaliation to black people calling whites "yts" by calling "blacks" (blks) . Popular on TikTok, often has a negative connotation.
i don't understand why all these blks are calling white people youtube?
by stud420 September 16, 2021
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a black person or group of people usually male that you would like fuck.
Damn check out the blk over there. I bet thats good.
by meredythkay July 10, 2008
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