An appreciation day to the girls who work at hooters who deserve so much better than how they're treated.
Did you hear its hooter girl appreciation day?
Yay its May 5th!
by barbaities May 04, 2021
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National Rye Day. Be it bread or alcohol or dude, May 5th should be reserved for exclusively sleeping with, and/or celebrating, the grain.
Marco: Hey, did you hear about what's happening on May 5th?
Polo: Yeah, did you hear about deez?
by Synder April 29, 2021
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National ask your crush for his/her hoodie day... they must give it to you❤️
Girl: can I have your hoodie it’s may 5th
Boy: what’s may 5th?
Girl: national ask your crush for there hoodie day
by May 04, 2021
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