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Maxene is a girl that can be misunderstood and quite misleading at times. Her name is a rendition of "Maxine" and it means "greatest" in Greek. She is probably Asian though(Filipino). She is a Maverick and a Limelight. Usually goes well with guys named Zach.
Maxene and Zach go so well together!
by MRS.HERRON August 15, 2017
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A really weird person. Probably an asian (maybe filipino). May seem shy at first, but is loud when you get to know a Maxene. Usually likes anime or kpop, or both. She also has a VERY dirty mind. And by VERY, I mean, VERY.
“Yo, Maxene became so dirty minded, she used to be an innocent and pure potato!”
by a piece of bts trash November 21, 2018
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