Someone who paves there own path and doesn't listen to what other people say. Someone who doesn't go left or right if told too and does what they want.
John doesn't listen to all the hate and what people say because he's a maverick.
by Poopistoop June 25, 2017
Maverick is his own man, non follow in his footsteps because of fear and non could live up to it - Maverick is the one true source of individuality and wonder - his true identity is hidden but he resides as a student at Shenton College.
Individual, follows own path - does not belong
by Maverick January 21, 2005
An epithet used for one who has gone crazy. Taken from Mega Man Maverick Hunter X for PSP.
Flame Mammoth: Bwah hah ha! There's nothing I love more than stomping weak little blabbermouths like you into dust!
X: That settles it...You're definitely a Maverick!

Spark Mandrill: X... You showed up.
X: Spark Mandrill. Do us both a favor and surrender peacefully.
Spark Mandrill: I don't think so, X. Oppose me and I'll crush you!
X: Sounds like you've gone Maverick. Your time has come, Spark Mandrill!

Dude: Hey man, gimme some dope.
Guy: How much you got?
Dude: Five bucks. I'll pay ya the rest later.
Guy: That's it, you've definitely gone maverick!
by OgnarPliskin August 26, 2010
A beautiful man with a good heart and a really nice ass.
Girl one: man, Maverick is so fucking hot bruh
Girl two: I know omg fuck I wanna tap that tight ass
by bashful bumblebee February 19, 2016
The biggest erection a man can achieve, it is very rare like a good Adam Sandler movie.
Guy 1: "Kate Upton flashed me this morning and I totally Mavericked."

Guy 2: "Congratulations man, did you make a wish?"
by craven morhed December 7, 2012
Someone who doesn't play by everyone else's rules. They make their own rules. There are no bounderies for a Maverick. They go over the line. #BEAMAVERICK
Logan Paul is a true maverick. As well as his fans.
by Rainbow Cookie Dough June 25, 2017
Maverick is an inbred creature who grew up in the South. As a little boy, Maverick was given several guns to play with, and accidentally shot his dog, Bud, a golden retriever, in the head, killing him instantly. This is very sad. Later in life, Maverick dropped out of college to join the Air Force, but got rejected several times for being inbred. However, he still keeps military attire and guns in his house, along with far right posters that are somewhat militant. He then started a "self made big business" that was funded primarily on his father's inheritance money selling gun holsters. However, this business never did well, due to their only design being the American flag. His favorite day of the year is July the 4th, which he celebrates by stuffing explosives into a live deer, detonating them, skinning the deer and eating the raw deer meat for dinner, painting the skin the colors of the American flag, and draping it around his half naked body while riding in his pickup truck blaring God Bless America (Country Remix). He also plays several songs on the drums except instead of drums, he uses guns. He has a wife who is 21 years younger than he is, also she might be his sister or a distant cousin. They also met at a game of American college football. There is more lore but unfortunatly I have hit the cap for characters.
bruh who names their kid Maverick they prob get no bitches lmao

-some guy
by SirDefinertheFirst May 9, 2022