Someone who doesn't play by everyone else's rules. They make their own rules. There are no bounderies for a Maverick. They go over the line. #BEAMAVERICK
Logan Paul is a true maverick. As well as his fans.
by Rainbow Cookie Dough June 25, 2017
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An epithet used for one who has gone crazy. Taken from Mega Man Maverick Hunter X for PSP.
Flame Mammoth: Bwah hah ha! There's nothing I love more than stomping weak little blabbermouths like you into dust!
X: That settles it...You're definitely a Maverick!

Spark Mandrill: X... You showed up.
X: Spark Mandrill. Do us both a favor and surrender peacefully.
Spark Mandrill: I don't think so, X. Oppose me and I'll crush you!
X: Sounds like you've gone Maverick. Your time has come, Spark Mandrill!

Dude: Hey man, gimme some dope.
Guy: How much you got?
Dude: Five bucks. I'll pay ya the rest later.
Guy: That's it, you've definitely gone maverick!
by OgnarPliskin August 26, 2010
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Maverick the most amazing man walking this earth. Someone who is constantly patient and always has a smile to give. If you are lucky enough to have a Maverick in your life never let him go. He is smart and handsome and always thinking of you. He will always put you first not to mention he is a sex god. He's immediately your best friend and will treat you like a queen in such away only a true King could.
Maverick my king.
by WisdomWriter68 March 15, 2017
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The biggest erection a man can achieve, it is very rare like a good Adam Sandler movie.
Guy 1: "Kate Upton flashed me this morning and I totally Mavericked."

Guy 2: "Congratulations man, did you make a wish?"
by craven morhed December 06, 2012
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A thoroughbred species of alphamale who goes their own way and is an absolute boss (allegedly).
That guy over their is so mysteriously handsome ... What a Maverick!
by rick mcelphone August 29, 2016
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