code for masturbating, often used in public places where discussing masturbation would usually be awkward
"wanna go out?".. busy with math homework
"you free today?"... nope, math homework
by .Nishi May 17, 2011
Causes nothing but sadness and madness after school. Itt's hard and time consuming. Honestly, a complete waste of time.
Wow, MATH HOMEWORK today made me wanna rip my hair out.
by Mr.heyy October 17, 2019
a sneaky way of getting out of the house for a some wacky tabacky.
i gotta go do some math homework
by Gold Leader June 25, 2006
Bro! I have so much math homework tonight, but all my pencils are worn out.
by TROLLKING9001 November 6, 2020
A side chick that you bang whenever there is a party that you do not want to go to.
“Hey man you going to Jason’s party tonight?”
“Nah sorry man, I gotta do math homework.”
by TheShieldGuy January 29, 2019