A girl who is very independent, not relying on other people & fights for what she wants. A Material Girl also tends to like expensive and luxurious things. She is also a girl who knows what she wants and will do anything in her power to get it. They tend to show confidence and egotistical behaviors even though they are not really like that. A Material Girl is usually not a particularly good person in a romantic relationship because of their independence Stubbornness & outgoing personality.
I could never be in a relationship with somebody who is such a Material Girl they are so independent
by mkataate4 November 26, 2020
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The terminology “Material Girl” or “Material Gworl” -
Is a direct term from the artist Saucy Santana’s hit single “Material Girl” and a reference to Madonna’s hit classic “Material Girl” that means to be a pricey or up-kept person that is in fact a materialistic person. You in fact do not have to happen to be a female in order to be a Material Girl.
“(Material Girl) I want Chanel nine boots all these n*ggas steady jocking, ‘cause they know I’m the truth (Material Girl)”
by fayyyyyyy February 24, 2022
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A girl who want Chanel 9 boots
And all these n-words steady jockin'
'Cause they know she's the truth
by amphitriterose February 16, 2022
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A material girl is a girl that is materialistic. (I'm pretty sure she'll get plastic surgery in the future 😌✨) She's also known as alley girl, Essex girl, and popular clique. Plus, she spends a lot of her money on fashionable and luxurious things. And by spending a lot, I mean a LOT!
"You're such a material girl!"
"No, I'm not!" *buys a $500 blouse*

- Me and my friend today :P
by Big_Fat_B1tch09 March 26, 2022
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The worst fucking song ever made by the most annoying fucking artist Saucy Santana
mAtEriAL giRL, I have no unique opinions and fill the void in life with gloating about materialistic possessions.
by n0body12345 June 22, 2022
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Tyunbot is basically the real definition of material girl. Theres no other meaning besides that.
Tyunbot is such a material girl! Ugh we all know that Tyunbot is the only it girl.
by Gyulovebot November 23, 2021
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a material girl is someone who is better than everyone else, they are simply the best. A material girl will go to great measures to be the best that they can be, which isn't far because they are already the best. If you are ever to meet a material girl, treat them like the queen they are. Always respect a material girl, for they deserve all the respect in the world. The term material girl was spread around mostly by the song ¨material girl¨by saucy santana. But that song is actually based on the original material girl by Madona, released in 1984. so if you ever hear someone say the words material girl, (most likely sounding like material gworl) just remember that material girls are the best thing to ever happen to this cruel earth.
Mellisa is such a material girl, I wish I was just like her
by RicoLol February 18, 2022
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