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Coolest most loyal understanding loving natured person. Beautiful and stunning to look at, loves the social life but is loud and speaks her mind which has got her in trouble but she's wiser for her past experiences in short she's just amazing.
Madona is amazing
by Madz Holden January 14, 2017
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one who is loud, annoying, and usually speaks the wrong words at the wrong time. Self-centered, and full of their selves. One who walks high, but is still shorter then the rest.
Mark: Hey Marina, did you here about that new girl who just transfered ?
Marina: Oh you mean that annoying loud skank who thinks she's all high and mighty?
Mark: Ya, i think her name is Madona?
Marina: Ya, that's it. Man, i say we jump her ass!
by Mr. Nakhla August 24, 2009
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