An awesome, amazingly talented punk rock band, with a gorgeous lead singer, 'nuff said...
Girl #1) I love The Matches CD!!!

Girl #2) I know! Their album "E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals, is THE BEST" !!!
by Chain_Me_Free December 8, 2004
guy #1: yeah the other day i was burning leaves in the public park and this hot chick came down to join me in the festivities! soooo sweet!
guy #2: matches by matches i suppose.
by superatlasman September 28, 2009
an AWESOME band from Oakland, theyre music is addicting. i havent listened to anything but them in weeks. I <3 The Matches
I am Deanna and i am addicted to the Matches Cd, Im just a dog eared page you turn back to, wheres the place for me? when were both in love with you. <<<3333
by Dizzle March 24, 2005
When 2 smokers combine there weed to smoke double of what they were original suppoded to.
Hey man you want to match? Yea bro I have a dub .
by john smith the third October 28, 2013
pooling of resources, especially drugs in equal quantities.
yo, match on this blizzy, i wanna phattie but only got an 8th
by jesus cristo January 1, 2004
When 2 people bring the same amount of marijuana together and smoke it together (equal amounts only and less than other person and your a bitch)
hey bro you trying to match “ “ we”re going to be matching later want to join? “
by The booty snatcher July 20, 2020
It's where you join an ig account with someone, normally someone your linking with. Normally you have the matching profile pictures and matching bios
I'm matching with that girl I'm linking with
by Lil Oppi January 17, 2021