Short for "Master Tool", typically used to describe someone who sucks up to and does random shit for others. Also connotative of someone who is acting effeminate and showing a girl his "sensitive side" just to get some pooty.

Usually screamed repeatedly in a high-pitched voice (pronounced "Masta Teeeee!") by a group of people witnessing another person acting like a huge tool. The screams are oftentimes accompanied by the same gesture that referees use to call for a "time out".

See also: Gofer
Boy 1: I totally think you should break up with Derek. He has no respect for you and just wants to get in your pants.

Girl 1: (Crying, hugs Boy 1) Thank God I have you, otherwise I have no idea what I would do with myself!

Onlooker 1: What a fuckin' Master T.

Onlooker 2: Seriously. I wonder if he has a mangina. (Screaming) MASTAA TEEEEE
by yeosefthebrosef April 18, 2010
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(n)- Refers to an individual(male) with excessively large bitch tits, title given when individual has mastered the tremendous size of their bitch tits.

Girl-"DAMN! that kids really got some big bitch tits!"

Boy-"Yeahhh, but he's cool with it, we call him B Master T"
by PaPa1k3 October 04, 2010
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Someone who is very cheap with their money whenever they go out clubbing. Can also say just, "Shy Master".
"Luigi you fucker, I'm not giving you another cigarette you fucking Shy Master Flex T-Bone 3000!"
by DJ Bless One November 22, 2006
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