Ok, VERY SIMPLE! A bitch :|
by Rahim February 27, 2005
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One of the most stupid rappers in America...wait no the whole world. The rapper that can't make, sale, ok basically can't do nothing (may be if his life depended on it). He's like a dirt compared to Jay-z.
He copied Nelly's thing on the clothing line. If u go to the mall and find something that's Apple Bottoms u see a price tag pic of Nelly and a girl, but wait go find a P.miller Passion shirt(for girls)look at the price tag u see that same type of pic Nelly had on his. This Master P is a COPY-CATER
by sound-like-what November 10, 2005
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ugly lil niglet man who thinks hes something great. Hes a good businessman but has no rapping skills whatsoever. Hes a one hit motha fuckin wonder who couldnt rap to save his life. When hes rappin he sounds retarded. Not only that but hes a terrible actor. He was voted as 'worst performance by a rapper in a movie.'
by Master P's sc September 20, 2007
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The russell simmons of the south the real one not the one on the EAST COAST. From nothin to being worth more than $600 million the first "Indendent" rap label to get all the money and pay-out himself. put together such classics as down south hustlers and Ice-cream man. before changing his image. Now has a new no profanity label.
Pioneered comercialization in rap: rap action figures, clothing label, movie production company, Rims, car stereos.

Produced Mean Green, Fiend, Mia X, Silk tha Shocker(brother), C-Murder(brother),mercedes, soulja slim, kane and able. Mystikal, beats by tha pound, and showed Snoop Dogg how to be independant by freeing him from death row
Master P make em say uuugghhhh na-na naaa.
by Devlin H April 23, 2008
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Horrible rapper who is, ironically, the richest rapper in the world (as of 2010)
Dummy: Master P is broke son

non-Dummy: No retard, he has more than Jay Z and 50 Cent combined
by boobooyooyoo May 9, 2010
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a guy on this site who sucks shit 'cuz he's a sexist asshole.
by person yo-yo July 24, 2003
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the name pine tree needles procure when they are used for purposes of inhalation to gain a high.
john ran out of weed so he went outside to hit up that master p.
by theochoa January 25, 2011
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