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The most beautiful and precious creature that god giffted to the earth. The Guardian of a certain deranged human who has numerous names...One of which is Norris.
'You look so good in that dress i am tempted to call you masooma!'
by Zorris_factor February 26, 2005
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A name derived from the Latin and Hebrew language referring to the greatest gift God has ever given to this planet. Usually describes a female who is smart and intelligent.
A strong minded female who will strive for greatness and surpass all obstacles. Very open and honest yet still kind and generous. She will always be there for you when you need her and will never let you down.
'You're always there for me, Masooma.'

'Wow you got into Harvard, you're pulling a Masooma.'
by jessica millez September 21, 2013
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the word masooma come from the ancient greek term of tramp.
Oh my dear ted, you look like a masooma
by Anonymous January 21, 2005
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The most abnormal person you could ever meet.
Signs you are a Masooma:
* Like to name people Jim/Bob/Ned/Fred/Sheila/Chris/Arnold/Ethel etc
* Constantly prod people (Norris) during a graphics lesson.
* Likes Scoubidous! And yes they are called scoubidous and not Scooby Doos. Zorris.
* Draws signs on the floor to meet friends on that spot
* Likes to sit in a big circle of love and recruit people into it.
Oh for the love of food! You are a bloody masooma!
by Norris March 17, 2005
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