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The act of thievery, stealing or burglary of an object from someone who is invested in your well being.

The act is typically committed by a compulsory dick who has no reason to steal the object other than to feed his/her ego.
I caught a football player trying to Masoli my mountain bike yesterday, which was weird because he has a full ride scholarship to play at my school - Whoregon.
by Go Huskies March 12, 2010
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when someone makes a complete turnaround in sports.
man he sucked the first game of the season and he's totally masolied! now hes amazing!"
by theman000 November 20, 2009
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Something that is AWESOME! A reference to the sheer excellence and amazingness of University of Oregon Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli.

Synonyms include "dank," "awesome," "clean," "sick," "wicked," "nifty," "excellent," "amazing," and other such words.
1) That essay I just wrote was Masoli!
2) This burger is Masoli!
3) Holy Masoli!
4) That's a Masoli jacket you got on!
by GoDucks09 November 24, 2009
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