the act of having as good of a time as you would while eating mashed potatoes
M: this is a really fun party
S: yeah it's really mashin!!
by Glittergirl March 29, 2017
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1.used to describe the act of traveling at excessive speeds in a motor vehicle

2. utilizing a lifted vehicle or 4 wheel drive to traverse over obsticals
man last night i was out in the car phuqqin mashin' like no other.
by Clay VO January 28, 2004
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The art of pushing someone's intestines in with ones ham piece, may need to use ones thumb to push the head in! Also known as breaking it off in ones butthole.
by CarolBaskinsABeatch! April 17, 2020
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If somebody is really excellent at making mashed potato, they may be called a Mashine.
"Look at that texture! YOU'RE A MASHINE!"
by dontpanicKEEPLAM February 4, 2012
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Mashin is a word used to descibe beating some one up very badly. Or also can be used as insultin someone very badly.
Example = Man I seen you at the club the other night straight mashin on that mutha.
Meaning: I saw you at the club the seriously beating someone up.
by Dazzle June 4, 2006
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mashination is a versatile word and can be used in various ways yielding different meanings.

1- a conglomeration of objects now unable to be separated or returned to their original form. An inseparable mess.
2- A group who only eats their vegetables mashed.
3- The imagination of a twisted mind.
4- As a verb- to mashinate -To make a mess of or destroy something or someone.
Cindy: OMG what happened here last night?
Bill: We'll never straighten out this room. It's a total mashination.

Judy: Your grandparents are coming for dinner?
Bob: Don't forget, they are part of the mashination now.

Craig: Interesting painting.
Lucy: Ugh! Looks like the artist really used her mashination on that one.

Donna: Jim mashinates everything he comes in contact with...including his girlfriends!
Jane: Yeah, she'll never be the same.
by eeme February 13, 2010
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to egage in anal sex with a woman.
Liz got drunk last night, I wound up mashin' dinner.
by PaulPizzle October 19, 2007
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