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Squirrel (the school's mascot!) women are either going to be successful of their own right, marry rich, or both. Some are Southern ribbons and pearls kind of girls, some are sistas, some ~like~ other girls, some a combination of all three, but they all are capable, poised, and stylish. These girls have it all and can do it all, and just try to tell them otherwise!
Grad school official: Who is that gorgeous woman giving that amazing speech?
Other grad school official: She's from Mary Baldwin, and I'm definately giving her my card.
First grad school official: Not if I get there first!
by MissMBC05 October 12, 2004
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MBC girls are as classy as they come. This all womens school is in Staunton, Va where all there is to do is go to Wal Mart and shop at the boutiques in downtown. The Stauntonites often refer to MBC as "the ivory towers of arrogance." MBC is known for its old traditions, its most popular is Apple Day, which is just an excuse for a carnival and no classes. More importantly Apple Eve is the wildest time of the year. These girls are known for being the most stylish in the Shenandoah, often wearing Polo/Lacoste/and Lilly. Now that diversity plays a part of MBC, students use this as a way to show their differences in culture and interests in the way they dress, the activities they are involved in, and their weekend activities. Most students frequent JMU, UVA, Tech, VMI, and HSC. Or you can find them at one of the raging house parties, which often have wild themes. These girls know how to party and can drink most guys under the table, after all the schools moto is "work hard, play hard" said by their last President. During the week, they do nothing but study and attend meetings, since it is a student run campus, but come the weekend, any guy can find some fun with these wild girls. These Squirrel girls know how to uphold the Southern standard and wear their pearls proudly, just dont challenge them in a game of beer pong! After all boys...all they want is a rich husband anyways.
MBC is not a girls school without men, its a womens college without boys!

VMI Guy: I wanna get some.
MBC Girl: Well dont look here honey, you better try Sweet Briar for that.
by MBCROCKS! October 28, 2004
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A dump, pure and simple. It may have been a nice school at one point, but now it is just a shithole where everyone smokes, no one goes to classes (which is a joke there anyway), and 4/5th of the student body is black, lesbian , or both. Many of he RAs are over-zealous first semester sophomores who lord over the freshmen with an iron fist. Assigned bathroom stalls and shower times? Hell yeah because that's what's coming for you. Want a better women's college in Virginia? Try Hollins or Sweetbriar. Mary Baldwin is a bad choice if you actually want to go to college to earn a degree.
Mary Baldwin College girl 1: that's some good weed!

MBC girl 2: shouldn't you come in off the porch and work on that 5 page paper that's due tomorrow?

MBC girl 1: fuck that! That's why I'm at this school....where no one gives a shit!
by Xxxcarrotsxxx September 10, 2011
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