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an annual celebration that takes place on October 21 celebrating orchards of blossoming apples every fall; celebrations include the making of apple cider and various 'apple based' games (usually takes place in United Kingdom)
Can't wait to eat loads of apples on Apple Day!
by Blehck! June 29, 2009
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To wakeup so hungover in albany that when you see a congregation of pumpkin fuckers bobbing for apples under a tree on a rainy sunday dusk, your first thought isnt that its earthday or labor day or whatever the fuck holiday people decide to worship trees and apples. Instead you scream out in a loud mickey mouse type tone "happy apple day" to every person you see on the way back to your room/wendy's.
I almost flabbergasted when i found out it was appleday... happy apple day, happy apple day, happy apple day...
by casedilla2 March 14, 2010
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Apple day is code name for when you and your friends are going to pull a pretty awesome prank. Derived from pranks of throwing large amounts of apples at cars.
"Damn, man I cant believe its fucking apple day tomorrow"
by Anthony Dig. June 18, 2008
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