A woman or girl that is full of faith, love and patience. A person that wears her heart on her sleeve to help others, even at a cost to herself. Mary Anne is someone who has gone through hardship, disappointment and loss but still sees positivity in her life. But dont confuse her with being too soft. She is strong enough to overcome abuse, loss and bad choices with dignity. Mary Anne is a good friend, sister, mother and daughter.

Mary Anne is good with children and is a people person. Likes being with others. Is funny and likes to make jokes. Even finds humor in herself.
Person in line " Sorry I forgot my wallet in the car"
Mary Anne " Don't worry about it, here is $5"

Friend "I am in a bind. I can't fiind a sitter"
Mary Anne " No problem I can help"
by alkajoha February 2, 2010
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An amazing beautiful person who is to good and nice for this world. Her heart is pure and forgives you no matter how you did her wrong. She has her frustrated angry moments but quickly apologizes to whoever she is with or maybe to herself. Her smile is contagious and her laugh sounds like a beautiful song. She is bright and happy and knows how to spread it around. If you ever meet or date a Mary Ann protect her because she is blinded by trying to see the goodness in people that she almost never sees the bad side. She is the most trustworthy person you could ever find. She's quirky, weird and fan girls over everything but that's what you love about her. She is definitely not afraid to stand out. Don't forget she loves snuggling and hugs.She feels guilty easily and sad movies make her cry although she has a weird love for the feeling of adrenaline. If you ever meet a Mary Ann don't let her slip away and make her feel safe.
Mary Ann is amazing!
by tteerr March 4, 2019
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Mary Ann is a girl that cares like no other, you can always count on her because she isn’t the the type of person to leave your side or hurt you. She doesn’t really like giving people second chances but if she really cares about you then she’ll give you plenty. Knowing a Mary Ann can change your life, making it better because no matter what you do to hurt her she’ll literally always be the type of person to be there and help you out but once you’ve done her wrong too many times she’ll end up being done for good. Shes hella loyal and only focuses on one guy in particular when talking to her she will always find a way to make your day better if she doesn’t then she doesn’t give up on trying to make you smile.
Zyler: If you know a Mary Ann then you’re probably one of the luckiest guy on earth
Flynn: She’s a keeper, don’t give up on her or you’ll regret it
by Galaxy.Starz January 31, 2019
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The cutest girl you'll ever come across.
Sweet, gentle, affectionate, yet flirty and bold.

She'll make you smile when you feel sad.
She will cuddle with you when you most need it.
She'll give you your space when you want to be alone.
You'll want to do anything you can to make her happy, and you'll never want to lose her.
Siavgaoas: "Ever since I starting going out with Marie-Anne, I can't imagine my life with another girl."
by Siavgaoas November 21, 2013
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A gorgeous midget who can bring out the best in anyone. She has a lovely wee smile and the most amazing personality don't let her go
by Dodgermcc1 October 23, 2013
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mary ann is a special kind of girl/woman...one minute the smokin' hot smoky seductress of your dirtiest dreams; the next, the giggly, guileless girl next door. She's sweet, sassy, enigmatic, with a come hither side glance that inspires your deepest, animal nature. She smells like cinnamon and sex. You want her endlessly. Lose yourself in her timeless gaze.
Come on, mary ann...now, I've been totally girl-handled & mary anned.
by Whatisis August 19, 2011
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Just a person who's friendly loves to play and can't live without her friends or family. She can never not be funny unless she's sad but she's never sad she's always happy
by Anonymous0705 August 31, 2017
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