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Used to be the tire and sweatshirt capital of the world, is now the unemployed redneck capital of the world.
Let's go hunt for mullets in Martinsville!
by Pretentious Friend May 13, 2005
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a city that comes alive when NASCAR is in town only. That's when everyone pretends this place ROCKS and everyone LOVES it here and you should move here and open your booming businesses. Why?? Because in all reality, when NASCAR leaves and all you out-of-town morons go home, we all sit at home with the phones off because 1) we're jobless, 2) the town is dead and there's nothing interesting to do here, and 3) we get 10 telemarketers call us every damn day because that's the only jobs available.
Guy #1: Hey, Let's go to Martinsville for the race this weekend!
Guy #2: Yeah! That's the only thing to do there besides eat at the restaurants.
Teen Girl: Like, OMGz Martinsville would TOTALLY suck if it wasn't for the choices of Ethnic foods! Lolz!!!1one
by blackice03 April 13, 2006
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A little boreing town. It sucks ass, and it's symbol is a pathetic little well.
I hate Martinsville.
by (SIC)Drummer November 07, 2004
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