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A pretty and amazing girl you would want to be with all the time. Happy and joyful and always liked by others. A singing voice that would stun most people.
Boy: Hi, who're you
Girl: Marsya
Boy Can i be your boyfriend?
by Annoymous5285 March 06, 2017
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She is one in a million. Absolutely sexy yet adorable at the same time it's a wonder how she manages to be both at the same time. Despite that she is also the most shy person you will ever meet ( it often gets the best of her and stops her from attaining what she truly wants) She is also the most funniest person you will ever meet and if you build up enough trust with her she'll open up her weirdest sides to you( in a good way). She is often depicted to have literally killer hugs but most people find it addicting after a while. She is also very picky when it comes to guys, so if you ever meet a Marsya grab her and cherish her before someone else does because she will be the best girlfriend you will ever have. She can also be the best, best friend and listener. Somehow people let their guard down easily after being around her for a while. She is an all rounded person, very caring, sweet,cute,sexy,naughty and her personality is like no other! Someone most would want to tie the knot with too
Boy 1 : Have you seen Marsya today? She looked absolutely stunning!
Boy 2 : Isn't she always?!
Girl : I hate it how she gets all the attention...
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by Max_Damon June 09, 2018
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Sheโ€™s beautiful and cute. One of The best people you will ever meet in your life. If You Ever Meet A Girl Named Marsya, just love her, make sure sheโ€™s yours, if you lose her, your never gonna forgive yourself. Sheโ€™s fun, Dirty๐Ÿ˜ , Shy, but will open up once you get to know her enough. Sheโ€™s very picky with the guys she chooses, so if she ever likes you, accept her straight away
Boy: I met a girl named marsya

Boy 2: How was she ?

Boy: She was the best thing ever
by Littlekidinyourbackyard March 04, 2019
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