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That guy who is your best friend and best enemy (in a good way) all together, he's practically your brother just a different race. He's an aspiring Seaman and a ButtPirate, you can run over his foot and he'll be okay within an hour or two. You both agree that you will live longer if you didn't know each other, but hey YOLO. He's all about that Bass and maybe a little trebel tbh and he sings like a drunk anyday anytime of the week.
guy 1: hey you know Marquell?
Guy 2: Yea i ran over and broke his foot with my motorcycle.
guy 1: aren't y'all dating?
Guy 2: *punches guy 1 in the throat* don't be a homophobe. and no we're not.
guy 1: *suffocating and dying*
Marquell: what happened to him?
Guy 2: he thought we were dating, so i punched him in the throat.
Marquell: Good Job!
Guy 2: Thanks *high Fives*
Marquell & Guy 2: YOLO!
by thenameihaveformyselfonline January 19, 2015
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