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Nightmare or a demon legend a demon who murders or takes the soul of a female in their dreams
"in parnormal entity the girl was murdered by maron."
by Ghostly boy in a million November 19, 2011
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Last name derived from the Lebanese saint, Saint Maroun. Lebanese migrants to Mexico who held the surname Absi, took on the surname Maron as it was easier for those who spoke Spanish to pronounce.
1. Wow, did you hear about Pedro Maron? He got married!
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Such a beautiful person inside and out but she’s To humble to accept compliments given to her. Often looks upset, but rarely is. So quick to forgive others and never holds grudges. She comes off as a shy, intimidating person but as soon as you get to know her, you never want to stop being around her. Her acceptance of everyone makes her fun to be around and she truly brings out the best in everyone she meets. She has a caring heart and longs to pursue a career dedicated to the care of others. She’s always putting others needs above her own. Once you meet a Maron, don’t let her go
Friend 1:”hey who are you going to ask to prom?”

Friend 2:”idk all the cool girls have already been asked”
Friend 1:”Maron hasn’t, you should ask her! You would have so much fun!”
Friend 2:”Maron hasn’t been asked?!? She’s so cool!”
by Chickentenderlover June 12, 2018
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