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how most kids under the age of 7 pronounce the RAMONES.
mommy, can we listen to marones today?
by maroo August 29, 2006
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a wonderful catagory of fruit.




and many others
mmmm melons are great.
by maroo August 18, 2006
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1. wicked cool place

2. a white stripes song: lafayette blues
1. dude!!!! lets go to lafayette!!

2. dude, lafayette blues is my FAVORITE song!!
by maroo July 28, 2006
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somebody who is a lazy ballsack.

hence, lazy sac...made popular by jim gaffigan
meg: can you go get me that?
jack: no...its too far away....
meg: you LAZY SACK!!
by maroo July 27, 2006
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how new englanders, especially people from maine, prounounce "north easter", meaning a common type of storm front in new england.
fat lady from maine: theyas a nah eestah a'cumin

fat guy from maine: betta buy some woo-oo-d

( people from maine also prounouce everything with an extra syllable)
by maroo July 28, 2006
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