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Alekss is a gentle and loving guy, he is loyal and would never want to hurt those around him, he can be very overprotective but sensitive at the same time.Alekss would be the kinda guy that you would want to see if your feeling down he could change a froun into a smile in seconds and remove all worrying, his smiles are like sunshine and are as bright as the happiness in your heart, if you are lucky to meet an Alekss then you have been blessed, if you are friends with him then you are even luckier and special but if you are dating an Alekss then you have all luck and power on your side and it’s gonna be a good time. If you ever betray or hurt an Alekss you would soon after feel ashamed and want to apologise, but seeing an Alekss sad is heart breaking and would make you wanna help.
Friend: Damn look at that happy guy
Friend 2: Oh it’s Alekss again can’t wait too see him he brings light and joy to everything
by Ray ♡ Ray June 14, 2019
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