Mark is your typical Irish lad who’s into sport and GAA. But unlike all other cocky Irish boys he is shy and sweet. Is usually tanned with brown eyes and brown hair. Doesn’t know it but most girls that pass him think he’s really good looking.
Girl1: Who’s that boy over there?
Girl2:Oh that’s my cousin mark. He’s so shy and nice

Girl1:Ya I think I might ask him out
by Hot chicken October 26, 2019
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A short and sweet term for an Easy target, Fuck boy and/or someone who sets themselves up for the brunt end of a joke or insult.In Military Terminology a "Mark" is a word used to signal an Enemy target.
You're being a Mark Dude..
by RenoChan April 13, 2015
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Mark voice is usually high.

Doesn't talk much .
Follows directions.
Likes to wear roshe's.
Has black hair.
And likes to play his Ps4
Ex 1 :Does that Mark ever talk.
Ex 2: Yup but you can never hear him.
by TheYasminyouknow September 25, 2017
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Big boy with a bari sax. This man will chases you down while carrying a baritone saxophone. Mark is man that carries the band, and will kill you if you say its not a sport. Also an avid lover of rap, who if you don't agree with will just say "whaaaaat".
"dude i told mark that marching band wasn't a sport, and he flipped out"

"yeah bro thats just because he doesn't do any real sports"
by that guy who's not real May 14, 2019
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A target for robbery, scam, or hustle.
1)I was do dopesick yesterday everyone was looking like a mark.
2)I followed the mark off the train, he had an ipod and a laptop.
3) The f**kin mark from the other night IDed me, now I'm lookin at a two year bid.
4) The kid selling them fake chains could spot a good mark from a block away.
5) The mark started getting wise so we dropped the scam and just beat him down for his loot.
by D from Eastie March 28, 2008
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