Marissa is the greatest girl will ever meet. She always puts a smile on your face and will always be open to you even on the worst of days. She's very good at taking your terrible times and making them great. Her smile is irresistible and highly contagious. It's easy to make each other laugh when you're with her. She's gorgeous, hilarious, and very sweet. You'll always want to spend time with her. She's a great partner and kisses pretty good ;) you honestly couldn't ask for a better person to be yours forever.
beautiful amazing hilarious forever marissa
by That#13 October 11, 2013
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Marissa is the best girl in the world she will always catch your eye.and she is beatiful smart funny and completely gorgeous so if you have a Marissa you know she's to good for you so just stay with her and hope she doesn't hate you
Marissa is the best
by Cole clutch April 18, 2015
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Marissa is a very beautiful strong girl. She tends to hide her feelings in and not let anyone know the truth not even her therapist. She see's the world differently then most people. When people push her down and let's them beat her up with there power of words. She holds in her anger a lot and doesn't have care for herself. She's always the one getting blamed for stuff for stuff she just found out. Marissa likes to flirt but is afraid to talk. She's has very low self-eestem. If she opens up to you just a little bit, don't take that for granted.
"Wow Marissa is funny and crazy"
The funny thing is she hides and they don't know. The crazy thing is that no one will know.
by Unknown.feelings April 24, 2016
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Verb: To comfort, or otherwise make you feel better about yourself.

Noun: Of or pertaining to Marissa. Marissa’s are usually sweet, caring, and soft-spoken. They have high morals and will always follow their hearts. Marissa's are known to be stunningly beautiful with eyes that just suck you in. Marissa's are also known to be the greatest friends in the world. To be friends with a Marissa is to be friends with near Godliness.
“Man I feel really down of late”

“Go see Marissa, she’s so amazing, I'm sure she'll make you feel better.”
by Matcauthon March 23, 2010
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(Muh-rih-suh)N.- A little cute girl with big eyes and a big heart that everyone loves.
Aw that marissa is so cute.
by Henryhenhen September 08, 2007
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Marissa is a very pretty girl. In fact, she is hot. All marissas are. Marissas are easy to talk to and often times stay up to all hours of the night texting/instant messaging. Marissas are all very persistant and activley pursue anyone whom they like. Marissas can be best described by one word: Sexy. Marissas have a great body and a beautiful face. All Marissas are destined to someday be as hot, if not hotter than meagan fox. If a Marissa likes you take advantage of it as they are hard to come by and extremely hot.
"Whoa, that girl at her locker is so fucking hot."
"Oh thats Marissa. Shes way out of your league. Shes just too hot."
by marissas hot July 09, 2009
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Marissa is too beautiful and is definitely the most gorgeous type of person you will ever encounter. Marissa is by far the absolutely best type of person you will and can ever meet. She is amazing at everything she does. Of course, she can be conceited at times, but that what makes people love her. She is funny, attractive, and can give anyone wood. She is confident and very bold, doesn't take shyt from anyone and serves people their asses on a platter. Now her looks surpass that of any other bystander, people tend to drool and get real horny when looking at Marissa. Any sort of guy would be dumbass to lose out on Marissa because she is the best kinda girl you ever gonna want.
aye, i see you got a girlfriend now.
yeah sahn, i got me a Marissa!
by Farissa March 07, 2011
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