An amazing girl overall. She's adorable and reminds you of a lil tike. She is lovable, touchable, and fuckable in every sense. You just wish you could just spend the rest of your life with her. She is sexy and has a cute giggle. She is extremely ticklish. She is very caring and gives great massages, in every aspect. Although she can be very defiant, selfish, and childish at times. Otherwise and excellent friend, girlfriend, and wife.
Guy 1: I got a new girlfriend. She's sexy and I can't wait to tap that...
Guy 2: Her name wouldn't be Marissa by any chance?
Guy 1: Yeah...how'd you know?
Guy 2: Because I just got done taping a Marissa.
by HarrySack69 February 27, 2011
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An amazing girl who is loved by everyone. She is perfect and loves food and gymnastics. She is the best girl who is easily loved. Amazing in the best way!!!!!!!
MMMMM look at hurr she must be a marissa
by carolyl April 24, 2015
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The most amazing girl in the world. She is Beautiful. In one word that can describe her is Perfect. she is also very hot. hotter then a fire, even the cold wont cool her down.
brendan: oh my god.. your incredible! "marissa"
by this cool kid August 31, 2010
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She’s scared of small things and doesn’t know what she wants in this world. She’s trying to figure out her future but can’t. She only wants to make people happy, but that often comes at her expense. There are rarely days that she doesn’t want to cry. She just on the larger side and hates tight fitting clothes because when she breathes she thinks everyone can see her stomach. She’s holding her breath trying not to mess up.
Hey Marissa are you ok?

Yeah I’mthriving
by Decisions are hard October 17, 2019
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a marissa is a really pretty, funny, crazy, wierd, Russian from Conneticut. She is always there for you no matter how much you get on her nerves. But she can get annoying tooo. but i love her anyway... she has been my bestfriend since 2 grade and is a great friend. Just dont get on her bad side. She is like a bat out of hell when she is mad. No one can stop her. Anyone who gets on her badside all i have to say is....i pray for you.
Annalisa: Is Marissa mad at me?
Me: Yes!!!
Annalisa: oh sh*t... better go dig my own grave....
by Asawyerrr November 06, 2013
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The sweetes girl you’ll probably ever meet. Often gets over excited, and has a great fashion sense. Maybe a bit boy-crazy. Has probably dated at least 10 different boys. She has brown hair, brown eyes and cute glasses. Has great ideas and loves her best friends. A good student, but doesn’t mind getting into some mischief. She has the cutest laugh and blushes a lot. Does dance and gymnastics. Has an annoying older brother and one or two cute dogs. Can be stern and forward when she needs to be, but she’s mostly a carefree person. Always changing her hairstyle. Occasionally gets overprotective or overly emotional : she’s probably cried at some middle school dances. Has a hard time making up her mind (especially about boys). Has had people betray her before, so she may begin to become emotionally closed-off, but all she needs is a little love! Loves to do fun arts and crafts projects, and create little symbols of friendship for her friends. If you find a Marissa ; don’t let her go! She’s fun and lovable, and will definitely be an amazing friend and an even better girlfriend.
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by TheStarlightBiscuit July 27, 2018
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The name of a beautiful Guyanese girl from Queens, New York.
Marissa smiles at him in the hallway.
by Cainman September 10, 2013
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