The most amazing girl in the world. She is Beautiful. In one word that can describe her is Perfect. she is also very hot. hotter then a fire, even the cold wont cool her down.
brendan: oh my god.. your incredible! "marissa"
by this cool kid August 31, 2010
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A girl who may not be the skinniest. Very funny and awesome attitude. But once you start talking shit about her friends or family, prepare to be attacked.
No Marissa, you can’t attack her just because she said I looked weird!
by This is a definition October 30, 2017
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An amazing girl who is loved by everyone. She is perfect and loves food and gymnastics. She is the best girl who is easily loved. Amazing in the best way!!!!!!!
MMMMM look at hurr she must be a marissa
by carolyl April 24, 2015
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a marissa is a really pretty, funny, crazy, wierd, Russian from Conneticut. She is always there for you no matter how much you get on her nerves. But she can get annoying tooo. but i love her anyway... she has been my bestfriend since 2 grade and is a great friend. Just dont get on her bad side. She is like a bat out of hell when she is mad. No one can stop her. Anyone who gets on her badside all i have to say is....i pray for you.
Annalisa: Is Marissa mad at me?
Me: Yes!!!
Annalisa: oh sh*t... better go dig my own grave....
by Asawyerrr November 06, 2013
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Marissa, the fucking hot ass chick that lives next door with the fuckng tight pussy. Every fucking Marissa is fucking hot, they arent when there young, but hot damn, when there in the ages 14 - forever, holy fuuckk thats hot shit right there. If you ever see a Marissa, just go up to her and start makingout and rubbing your hands all over her, you wont be disapointed. They all have fucking amazing bodies, and there awsommmmeeee as doing sexual shit
" Holy shit man, Have you ever fucked that girl over there, Shes such a fucking marissa "

" Dude, last night that Marissa chick came over and i was so fucking impressed with her skills "
by Cody Titsss December 27, 2008
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