The nintendo 64 was an awesome console and still is. I remember growing up on this thing. I got it when i was 5 when it first came out and had it for a while. It had so many good games like: Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Zelda(s), James Bond: Golden eye and so many others. I had so many fond memories with the N64. I would rent a game almost every week and try to beat it before I had to give it back. I rented Goldeneye like 11 times it was so much fun. I wish I never got rid of it. It is so much better than the new ones, it may not look as good, but the games are alot better.
I miss my nintendo 64..
by Tender Vittles July 10, 2005
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one of the best gaming consoles of all time incuded: Ocarina of time, Golden eye, Mario 64, Star Fox 64 and donkey kong 64
lets play Ocarina of time (the best game of all time) on the Nintendo 64
by Dislecsic Duck July 7, 2005
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The best video game thingy ever. Plus, if it stopped working, all you had to do was blow on the game and it magically worked again.
Kid-Nintendo 64 is retarded. I have Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, PS, PS2, et cetera.

Me-So why would you get all those game systems and spend tons of money on them when you could just play Nintendo 64 and have just as much, if not more, fun?

Kid-So I can brag to all my friends. All I want is to fit in. **cries**
by holly the ginger kid. June 4, 2007
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its only the best gaming system ever. glover is the most frustratig and addictive game ever andmario cart, super mario, and mario smash bros are some of the best games. way better then any of the systems you can get that are new
7 year old: this game is soooo fun.

17 year old: told you nintendo 64 was better than a Wii.
by stephisilence January 7, 2010
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0niTTRay u suck cock. Nintendo 64 is the total opposite of what u say it is. It actually has the greatest and most addictive adventure games...Mario 64 was awsome and addictive, if you think jumping into paintings and collecting stars sucks, then u suck. Zelda Ocarina of Time was awwwsoooome 2, and its a bigger/longer game than Wind Waker, which is for Gamecube. Diddy Kong Racing is a unique 1, a racing game but adventure??? I was addicted 2 that game for weeks b4 i finished that. Glover was pretty good, but too hard, still never beat it after all these years. Goldeneye isnt really an adventure but it still 1 of the best especially with gameshark..helllz yea!
no no no, 'you' suck.
by taboo2 February 27, 2005
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To have sex with more than one person
I played Nintendo 64 with my girlfriend last night and her best friend.
by Mick March 21, 2005
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