Spanish, slang, noun,adjective: derogatory name for a homosexual, litterally means "like Maria"
That maricon Jose gives great head. Me and my boys got that fag the other night.
by Words20009 April 19, 2009
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you're such a Maricon - You're such a Bing
by Not a Maricon December 11, 2018
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see maricon

Spanish derogatory word for a gay person.

Incorrect spelling. there is no "e" at the end.
by Orionis Prime July 9, 2004
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"Chupa mi huevos, maricon!"

"Lick my balls, faggot!"
by Tommy F. September 3, 2005
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Spanish derogatory word for a gay person similar to faggetin english.

In Puerto Rico aka as pato.
¡Eres un maricon!

You are a maricon!
by Taíno boy December 13, 2003
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The meaning of this word is pretty similar to marico. The only difference is related on the superlative (in Spanish) due to the "N" at the end of the word.
Marico = faggot
Maricon = a "huge" faggot

Ese tipo no es marico, sino maricon (that guy isn't a faggot, but a huge one...)
by Alv May 21, 2007
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