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Literal translation is gay. It can be used to refer to your friend, your best friend, your enemy, the car that's behind you in traffic. It can also be used for the person that read it.
Un homosexual es un hombre que se siente atraído por otros hombres. Un marico es el que lo lea
by calimero November 26, 2019
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Spanish word for gay or fag.
Dude! You are being such a marico concerning yourself with mariqueras!!!
by GuyWhoLikesRealCars May 14, 2004
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Spanish for~ When a man is attracted to another man, he is known as MARICO. AKA~ GAY!
Eres un Marico! (You are GAY)
Dude, stop being such a Marico
by Your Spanish teacher September 23, 2003
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Coolest guy to have around, has your back no matter what happens. Greatest hairline ever, and has many friends.
Marico is the chillest dude.
by Copperas Cove Legend November 07, 2019
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