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That hottie with the body. That mexican chica who's just of so fucking adorable, with some brains and a great personality
Yo, Maricela is the shit! She's pretty badass
by LionRawr October 31, 2011
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A girl who is beautiful she usually Mexican mixed with something else she has eyes that u can drown in her smile is everything if I described a Maricela you would be reading this your whole life she doesn't need no man to support her she hands things by herself if you tell her no she would find some type of way to get around it and do it ps.WHEN ON PERIOD STAY THE FUCK AWAY ONE THING U SAY TICKS HER OFF UR DEAD STAY FAR FAR FAR AWAY pss. DON'T TOUCH HER HAIR U WOULD GO HOME WITH A BROKEN HAND
Ay have u seen Maricela
I know right bro she so fuckin hot
by Thebadestbitchoutthere July 05, 2018
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Adorable and tiny, a Maricela is usually a tan and attractive female...but sometimes a cross-dressing man. Her smile is like rainbows and sunshine, but sometimes her fiery temper can cause people to spontaneously combust.

She can also be a short, beautiful Mexican whose sun works in the same establishment as her. Her co-workers usually rave about her and her son (see Edgar).
Oh, I love Maricela! She's my favorite.
by Bubbles O'Hoolahand March 27, 2009
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Beautiful personality when she's not trying to take you apart because of her low self esteem. She is Is very caring and giving to animals which is wonderful she'll need friends when she gets old. Low self esteem. She has beautiful thick hair with a man laugh.
hurricane Maricela has caused a hostile situation.
by jetsky January 12, 2012
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