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A beautiful and extremely cool person to be around. Anyone with this name is most likely a very cool person who anyone would be lucky to have as a friend or even better a girlfriend.
Ya i go out with Maricarmen, jealous?!
by Three's Company Too September 07, 2008
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An amazing ass girl that you can ever meet. she will always make you laugh.. and she is not a party popper unlike other girls..She is also a trustful person.. and oh please dont make her mad cause than she will treat your life hoes.Everybody wishes they can be like her. And she is also a very sexy hot moutha fucker that you can ever meet in your world. lots of people love this girl.. Maricarmen is a beast nd a hott sexy chick!!!!!!!!!! oh and such a party girll who will never stop partin and oh she has some sexyy ass curves.. And the most beautiful eyes you can ever seen. So thats Maricarmen!!
like the last beautiful flower in the world!!!(Maricarmen Eudave Cortez)
by By Jackie Cortez July 03, 2010
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Intelligent, beautiful, and cool. Trying to describe the awesomeness of this person is next to impossible, but put all of the best adjectives together, with a dash of jerk, and you have a Maricarmen. She is funny and great to have around.
You know a Maricarmen!?!?!?! Lucky ass....let me meet her and feel her awesomeness XD
by OsitoCookies June 01, 2009
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A nice girl who knows spanish and is a gold digger. She usually spends time with people like her and hides stuff she doesn't want other people to hear by saying it in spanish
Hey thats that girl Maricarmen
by Lemonpeices April 20, 2018
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