Maribel is the name of a girl who will one day call you her best friend, but then completely forget about you the next day. She will seem nice at first, but eventually be the fakest bitch you will ever meet. She will always make you take the blame on things you didn't do, and she will always lie to you, but then say that she would never lie to your face. If you ever meet a Maribel, watch out. Don't trust her with anything. Especially your secrets because she will spill them like a hot and overflowing cup of tea. She will gossip/spread rumors about you, and she will always make you think that she's better than you, and brag about the money they most likely doesnt have and very likely no one gives 2 fucks about. When in reality you are much better, trustworthy, loyal, etc than her. If you were close to a girl named Maribel, and she left you for other people, they will one day leave her, and she will come back to you asking for forgiveness. So watch out for these kinds of bitches. You never know when you might meet one. And you for sure don't want these kind of assholes in your life.
Maribel: I'm so pretty and I have so much money. All my stuff is real Gucci and Luis Vuitton. I have a lot of money so I can get you this if you want. (Doesn't actually have a lot of money. she just brags because her mom has a good job, example: lawyer, real estate agent, government)
Maribel: Omg these guys asked for my snap and I said no except for one who sooo hot (never really happened. Just lies)
by an anonymous human being June 1, 2020
Maribel represents funny, stupid, and most importantly fake. If you know a Maribel in your life it’s best to say good bye now, because Maribel’s tend to be the fakest girls out there.
Wow I can’t believe Maribel would lie about that
by I’m never wrong June 22, 2020
Pretty,beautiful,smart,very talened,cute and inspiring <3
Damnn,Maribelle Anes is such a good singer! shes sooooo talented! love you Maribelle! <3
by JoJo N August 22, 2011
A dirty maribel is when two woman are on there periods. One of the women go down on The Other Woman. After she is done and the other girl cums. She takes the blood and cum in her mouth and spits it in her face.
After we left the club she wanted to do the dirty maribel. Never again.
by Fuckmesideways4694 February 25, 2019
luvers 4 liffeee
taya&maribel is best couple ever forget tayas wives
by ThiccKid February 11, 2022