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Marianna is a girl that loves, cares, and supports everyone around her. Though she acts like everything in her life is perfect, she goes through a lot that people don’t see. She’s a caretaker, a nurturer, someone who loves to help people. Though she has a very sarcastic approach on life, when her friends are down she can be extremely empathetic and caring towards them. Never break a Marianna’s trust. She doesn’t have a lot of people in her life she trusts, and if you go against her you’re done.
Who should I talk to when I’m having a problem? Marianna
by Justanotherkindsoul June 27, 2019
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An amazing girl no guy could ever get over. Marianna is soo sweet and caring and is always there for anyone possible. She may go through a lot, but still tends to laugh the most and give a heartwarming smile. She tends to fall in love with cute blonde guys, but she is the most caring girl y’all meet. If you happen to meet a Marianna, just remember how amazing she truly is. Marianna’s Tend to be a little short, with greenish, blueish eyes and is super fashionable too. Some people say that Marianna’s laughs is the best thing about her and soo contagious and makes you laugh right after hearing hers in a good way. She loves kindness and good vibes and energy, but always keeps her friends protected. She tends to say omg, lmao and lol a lot because that describes her amazing personality In person! Marianna is the most awesome girl on the planet, and probably wants to become a vet, and loves Mother Nature and animals. She is amazing,
Omg look it’s Marianna! She’s the best! I can tell her any secret, she’s basically an angel.
by 44q June 21, 2019
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She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is so kind and thoughtful. She is actually so gorgeous. Marianna is so funny and she loves making people around her smile.
I love Marianna she makes me so happy
by Ivanna321 May 10, 2019
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Though many have given many shitty examples as to what a Marianna maybe none have yet to fully break down a true Marianna. Marianna’s are rare. Don’t count on finding anything personalized at tourist places.. unless you like being called “Maria” which 9 times out of 10... Marianna’s DONT want to be called Maria. Marianna’s are feisty, sassy, clever and whimsical, and can probably steal your man or dad. Play your cards right with a Marianna and you’ll have a loyal friend, a true ride or die.
Damn- she has no chill... is her name Marianna?
by Thatbitchsowhat June 21, 2019
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She is the best person ever, she’s so loyal, and she’s super pretty but she doesn’t believe she is but she finally meets one person who loves her and she loves him, if you have a friend named Marianna you should always have her as a friend
“Marianna is so nice
“She’s so nice”
by Yaniiiiiii July 8, 2019
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A person that spreads rumors for no unlikely reason to entertain themselves
oh my gosh darionna likes AJ and want to suck his d**k that means the person who said it is being a marianna
by 1Kk2244 October 18, 2015
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The sexiest girl in the world. I would smash her. She's a 10/10. All the boys fall for her instantly. Who cares if she's lesbian or pan. Just smash her ;)
Damn marianna, looking hot like always. ;)
by DracoDrago October 3, 2021
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